Climate Change is Making You Sick

Wholesome food, exercise, friendship, and mindfulness should make one healthy and happy. These are the relatively simple rules; one has control over these things. However, there is one sickly impediment to man’s achievement. It gets you every time. It’s climate change. Climate change is warmer temperatures in the air and oceans as carbon dioxide traps… Continue reading Climate Change is Making You Sick

Unflinching, Rapturous Peace

Today, World Environment Day, fills one with hope; it’s to honor what is gorgeous and essential. In our slippery existence, we can only do what we love; everything else is tasteless or even bitter soap. If one loves stepping freely into unblemished water and air, meeting humid trees, or knowing animals, isn’t it by some… Continue reading Unflinching, Rapturous Peace

The Mongolian’s Bird

One day I was flipping through channels and caught a documentary that led me to adore birds. By Altaihunters (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons It was about falconry. A powerful and beautiful Eagle faithfully served a Mongolian, flying out to battle, subdue prey, and return. The Eagle would soar from its… Continue reading The Mongolian’s Bird

Is Honesty Good if it Makes You Miserable?

Environmental issues are downright terrible and fearsome; it’s tempting to live in ignorance. But Science is all about trying to discover the Truth. Embracing morals is potentially overwhelming, but liberating, exalting. Science! Ignorance sure didn’t produce Bill Nye. One should know the truth even if it leads to misery. Reasons first: Often, a false reality… Continue reading Is Honesty Good if it Makes You Miserable?

Why It’s Wrong to Leave Pill Bugs in the Desert

I adore these handsome creatures. Look at them! Those seven pairs of legs, roaming in the grass at night. Their sweet little antennae raised up to heaven. And see how some roll up into marbles and one must earn their trust! I adore Pill Bugs/Sowbugs/Woodlice/Roly Polies/Baby Armadillos. Fully. I let them crawl on my hands… Continue reading Why It’s Wrong to Leave Pill Bugs in the Desert