The Wonderful Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Are there any Ohioans who don’t love and esteem the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium? We're all in love.  It’s important to say the full name—‘and aquarium’. It’s just that wonderful. It’s vast that I’ve never walked the full place in one visit, and every trip I find something new, an animal or an artful part… Continue reading The Wonderful Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Up Top and Deep Down

Rising Park, Lancaster Ohio. At the top of this steep climb, there is a cliff that overlooks the City of Lancaster. Near the edge, one can look out and see the backs of birds as they fly. I saw the city stretched out before me; I felt completely out of it. To be literally lifted… Continue reading Up Top and Deep Down

Climate Change is Making You Sick

Wholesome food, exercise, friendship, and mindfulness should make one healthy and happy. These are the relatively simple rules; one has control over these things. However, there is one sickly impediment to man’s achievement. It gets you every time. It’s climate change. Climate change is warmer temperatures in the air and oceans as carbon dioxide traps… Continue reading Climate Change is Making You Sick

Cantwell Cliffs, Ohio

Cantwell Cliffs is a part of Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio. It's remote, but not godforsaken. Away from the crowded whereabouts like Old Man’s Cave, it's perfect for the beautiful introvert explorer. There are eroded, cavernous reaches, mineral halls that one must squeeze past, and rich trees that perfume and compose their own… Continue reading Cantwell Cliffs, Ohio

Au Revoir, Paris

Au Revoir, Paris President Trump has pulled America from Paris, and we didn’t stay long enough for a plate of crepes. To Trump, it’s unfair that we should pay nations to keep hands out of the fossil fuel jar, that they face lighter stipulations. To Trump, it’s all insensitive and a modified framework will keep… Continue reading Au Revoir, Paris

The Art of Courtly Love

The Art of Courtly Love by Andreas Capellanus is a manual from the 12th century on how Medieval, Northern Europeans should love. It might be a satirical manual, but then it might earnestly explain how to tell what's real. Capellanus’ ideal relationship is hyperromantic, but, then, possible. Book Two: On the Rules of Love, Excerpts:… Continue reading The Art of Courtly Love

Unflinching, Rapturous Peace

Today, World Environment Day, fills one with hope; it’s to honor what is gorgeous and essential. In our slippery existence, we can only do what we love; everything else is tasteless or even bitter soap. If one loves stepping freely into unblemished water and air, meeting humid trees, or knowing animals, isn’t it by some… Continue reading Unflinching, Rapturous Peace

Book Review: Autobiography of a Yogi

The inner title page of this book quotes John 4:48: “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.” This is fair warning. Autobiography of a Yogi includes some stories that seem like dream-fantasy, unbelievable, like maybe Yogananda’s hallucinated most of his life. But John 4:48 is like Picasso, saying, beautifully, “Everything you can… Continue reading Book Review: Autobiography of a Yogi