Climate Change is Making You Sick


Wholesome food, exercise, friendship, and mindfulness should make one healthy and happy. These are the relatively simple rules; one has control over these things. However, there is one sickly impediment to man’s achievement. It gets you every time.

It’s climate change.

Climate change is warmer temperatures in the air and oceans as carbon dioxide traps solar heat in the atmosphere (the greenhouse effect). The results are severe.

For starters, carbon dioxide increases plant pollination and allergic reaction; heat thickens ozone and particulate pollution, causing heart and respiratory illness (Crimmins et al.). These are wear-a-mask-outdoors conditions. Moreover, warm temperatures lengthen and broaden the lifespan of disease vectors, like ticks and mosquitoes. Increased flooding leads to water contamination. The growing sea degrades coastal ecosystems and public access to health resources.

Then, there’s the wholesome diet, sabotaged. Heat increases Salmonella in foods; carbon dioxide decreases the protein and mineral content of staples like wheat, rice, and potatoes (Crimmins et al.). Warm temperatures ruin delicate ocean ecosystems, diminishing and bacterially contaminating seafood supply. These tragedies, healthy foods being more expensive, air and water going stale, environmental diseases—they lay on one’s psyche, causing social, behavioral, and mental degradation. Greenhouse conditions make one lose control of her food supply, ability to exercise, and emotional security.

The greenhouse is unhappy and unhealthy and its temper, riddling the very air, affects everyone.  Jog and drink your juice, but climate change will slowly prevent you from doing these things. Thus, fighting climate change is the ultimate health hack.


Crimmins, et al. U.S. Global Change Research Program.

Image credit: See page for author [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons;  “A Mother Earth” by Mariana Ayala Bautista

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