Cheers! to the “Calm” Meditation App

When I was sixteen I started meditating regularly and it forged my whole spirituality. I meditated for years and my thoughts were positive, experiences richer: all anxiety was wonderfully light. Then I started college and fell off, just when meditation was especially necessary. Now I can’t sit still for ten minutes. Where’s the college maturity? I think I gave it up at some point in a politics class.


The Calm App is my dear well of inspiration. It has a becoming, simple design, and one can pick from many high-quality nature depictions to meditate with. There are self-timers for independent practice, as well as free guided sessions. There are also Sleep Stories, SUPER adorable. If you just need a breather, Calm has the option of guided breathing to a chiming spiral. There’s a calendar to track your dedication. Uplifting quotes appear at the end of each session to reward your effort.

Here’s one…


Meditation increases one’s awareness and concentration, connects the individuality of emotions, and heals body. While it’s a non-religious app, the practice nourishes my spirituality.

If you’re held back from meditation because you feel like it’s reserved for yogis, or it’s the same as sleeping, you’re wrongly depriving yourself. Meditation is a utilitarian and therapeutic; it’s a modern, businesslike miracle.


Try meditating for five minutes. Use Calm and be happy.

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