The Mongolian’s Bird

One day I was flipping through channels and caught a documentary that led me to adore birds.


By Altaihunters (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

It was about falconry. A powerful and beautiful Eagle faithfully served a Mongolian, flying out to battle, subdue prey, and return. The Eagle would soar from its trainer’s arm, a flying and better extension of the trainer himself, bravely attacking animals twice its size in a red, spinning battle. Then, the Eagle would fly back to the Mongolian, sharing its prize.


The intelligence and loyalty of the powerful beast was wonderful to behold; Eagles deserve liberty (even loyal bondage is slavery), but the partnership between the Mongolian and the rapturous beast is something fantastic.


When free, true to nature and symbol, birds are endlessly more valuable. For instance, birds regulate primary productivity (plants) by carrying seeds, spreading nutrients via roost, and eating herbivores. They help agriculture by eating pests, they’re the economy of bird-watching, they inspired airplanes, and their habitat-sensitivity serves to indicate an ecosystem’s condition.

Birds are the sincere, calling chorus playing outdoors. Cranes are ghostlike and cardinals signify happiness. Crows are flying monkeys, able to love, and parrots give TED talks.

A creature able to fly across countries will surely fly across our hearts.

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